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  • Unformed Worlds The Unseelie Saga

The Unseelie Saga

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In The Unseelie Saga, Players take on the roles of darkly magical Fae whose actions will decide the fate of the Winter Court.

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The Fair Folk of Winter are brilliant, dangerous, and keen. Do you have what it takes to walk among them?

In The Unseelie Saga, Players take on the roles of darkly magical Fae whose actions will decide the fate of the Winter Court. Fae are living magic and as dangerous as that sounds. The Unseelie are Fae who are most powerful from the second half of autumn through the first half of spring. Our ideas of Unseelie are colored by the autumn hunts, the gathering of winter stores and smoking of meats, the bitter bite of the winter wind, the crunch of iced snow, the soft patter of spring rains, the brilliance of the hearth-fire and the gleam of the snowdrop. A Fae can wish for a lily, and a lily will appear, or wish for a dagger, and draw it from the air. What can challenge such beings? Oh, just wait.

This trilogy of adventures lets you tell the story of darkly magical Fae in a social structure that rewards the keen, the intelligent, and the fierce, as they confront the end of their way of life. In each adventure, the PCs have agency and opportunity to shift the narrative. It all begins with Seoithín seó, when the sound of a hunter's horn shatters an ancient treaty. When the hunter’s horn sounds, where will you choose to stand? In the second adventure, Path to Glory, the Fae realize their home is starting to die. But is there, in all the Glade, an Unseelie determined enough to forge the legend that might save the Glade? In the final adventure, Withering Winter, the Players must decide: will they save the Glade, or shatter it? This bundle includes all three adventures, with new mechanics, new cyphers, fully-written NPCs, maps, and tips for playing intrigue and PC-PC conflict.

Turn your face to the falling snow. Take a breath. Follow the call of the raven into the world of The Unseelie Saga.

The Unseelie Saga is a trilogy of adventures written for one GM and two to six ambitious adventurers. These adventures are written for the Cypher System role-playing game. The adventures increase in danger and challenge from low to high level (Tier 2 to Tier 6) as you play.; Each adventure is designed to take two 3-hour sessions to play (player choices and side-tracks may lead to longer adventures).

Requires Cypher System RPG to play.